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The RS2000 was designed to appeal, especially to young, sporty drivers and it did the job very well indeed. Every lad who has even the slightest bit of interest in classic, iconic cars, would like the opportunity of getting behind the wheel on one of the RS2000's at least once. The owner of this attractive, powerful, yet easy to handle and maintain, claim that their car is quite the sensation at every event it attends.

Introduced in 1976, the MK2 RS2000 has a 2-litre 8 valve Ford Pinto In-line 4 engine that allows the car to reach its maximum speed of 110 mph quite effortlessly. At the time of the initial launch, the car was the most luxurious of its RS series. Although mechanically the car was somewhat similar to its predecessor the Escort MK1, the interior of the MK2 experienced a complete facelift to provide a little more comfort. With reclining Scheel seats, centre console, glove box, full door cards and a complete carpet set, it was perhaps not as barren as the other sporty cars of its time giving it an edge over its rivals.

At we have interviewed an esteemed owner of the Ford Escort MK2 RS2000, Kam, to find out more about the car, how popular it is nowadays and how the prices have recently gone up. Let's see what this Ford lover has to say about this classic sporting sensation. What made you buy the car?
I think my love for Fords runs deep in my blood. I had Escorts as a teenager, since my father was a mechanic and he could always be seen tinkering with his own car. He mainly had Fords as he loved how interchangeable the parts were and how easy it was to maintain them relatively. How long have you owned it for?
After selling my Capri 3.0s, I have had this car for about a year now. I never thought I would be able to find a car this good at this price, with the prices sky-rocketing. I bought it off a friend of mine who had already taken care of all the restoration work. He only offered it to me because of a change in personal circumstance. I don't think any RS2000 owner would willingly sell his car.
The funny thing is, we were both bidding against each other on the car, almost 9 years ago. Fate is indeed a funny thing when you look back at some of the things. His name is Adrian Perks and the excellent condition of the car is the result of all his hard work. I'm only applying the finishing touches to an already fully restored car.

The Ford Escort MK2 RS2000 is an absolutely amazing car, according to Kam and every other user that we have come across. The control that one enjoys over the car is incomparable even with all the technologies today. The car is easy to maintain and comparatively easy to get parts for. It is truly an icon of the great sporting vehicles that its era is remembered for. What do you use it for?
I only drive it on Sundays. Don't take it around for any shows or events. What's under the bonnet?
A freshly rebuilt 2 litre pinto. A Newman Cam, Vernier Pulley, 38 DGMS Carburetor, K&N element, silicon hoses, original Ford electronic ignition and stainless steel exhaust. The gearbox is a standard 4 speed but I did have that rebuilt too.

Kam claims that one of the best things about the MK2 is its brakes. The MK2 uses disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear. Although some drivers feel that the pedal pressure is unusually high, others say that it doesn't take long to get accustomed to it and that's when the real driving experience begins. The brakes are in fact reliable and effective without a single sign of fade even after extended periods of use, making the car easier to handle in rough conditions and sharp turns, giving the driver a major boost in confidence. Have you made any changes to car or modified it in any way?
Polybushed it, installed a Quickrack and Gaz adjustable shock absorbers all around. I don't think it needs any major modifications. Anything else planned for it?
Just a rolling road tune and some wax oiling. Love the way it is already. Would you do anything differently if you did it again?
Not really. I love the drive of the car and I think it is comfortable and pleasurable enough for me. Thoughts on the general ownership experience of the vehicle?
Love every part of it. Every time I stop somewhere or park it, there are people who come up to take a look at the car and reminisce about their own MK2. I haven't really heard anything bad about it which gives me another reason to fall in love with my ride over and over again. Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?
My passion for old Fords comes from my father and I have passed it to my son - I even named him Henry. I have every Classic Ford issue amongst thousands of other ford related literature - brochures, promotional material and models. I have also succeeded in starting off a little Ford fetish among my family and friends with all my talk about Fords and my loyalty to classic Ford.

The Ford Escort MK2 RS2000 is undeniably a hit among people who look to quench their thirst of an adrenaline rush with sporting classics. The shape, engine, handling and overall driving experience of the car are incomparable to any of its competitors, justifying all the love people still have for this car.

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