Escort CosworthEverything except one, and that is for the fact that whoever laid eyes upon this car wanted it! This has been the only downside of the car that any of the owners have ever come upon.

Here at, we have been talking to several Escort Cosworth owners to find out what they think about the car and why it holds so much value and sentiment for them. Simon is one these proud owners.. Let's take a look at what Simon has to say about one of our favourite fast Fords that has so many men falling in love with it. What made you buy the car?
Simon:I was about 14 or 15 and a huge Prodigy fan, when I read in a magazine that Liam Howllett owned an Escort Cosworth. I wasn't really interested in cars at that time so I just brushed it aside. But I did know a thing or two about XR3i and the RS turbo and why the Escort Cosworth didn't ring a bell somewhat intrigued me. So I asked a friend about this mysterious car and he said he'd show it to me someday. Couple of months later, we were out in town when he showed me one at a signal light. I still remember the imperial blue color and how it just launched form the lights leaving everything behind. That was the day, the obsession of owning a "Cossie"crept in to my head and I knew I had to have one.escort-cosworth-4
I started buying car magazines that had any info on the Escort Cossie and would read and learn as much as I could from them. In 2007, when my mum passed away, I was left with her belongings and money. My dad then suggested me to buy a cossie and fulfill my dream as the only lesson the death of my mom taught me was that you never know what's going to happen tomorrow so just live your life in every way you can. My mum was only 55 and healthy; she just fell down the stairs and died immediately due to the injuries sustained.
I looked into buying a cossie and the only way I imagined it to be was black, very low on mileage and 100 percent standard. I purchased mine from a place in Derby called JCT 28 and it was everything I wanted it to be. Low on miles, 100% original, leather seats, air conditioned and of course, black!

After a bit of chit-chat with this esteemed owner, we found that Simon has owned the Escort Cosworth since 2007 and has managed to keep it in immaculate condition. This is mainly because he has a second car that he uses for everyday purposes and only drives his cossie once or twice every month. He says it's a toy for him that holds great sentimental value.

According to him, there isn't much that the cossie needs and he has kept his exactly the way it came out from the factory. Although he did mention considering installing cone filters and stainless steel header tanks, he deemed it an unnecessary upgrade that almost every car has nowadays. He likes keeping his car simple and as long as the 2-litre 16 valve turbo engine provides the 227BHP; he doesn't really want anything else from the car. Also, without any upgrades and installations this 90's beast is capable of going from 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds, which is quite a remarkable an achievement in itself, considering the era it belongs to. Anything else planned for it?
Simon:Just a bit of tidying up mainly. Gotta keep the car neat and clean. Would you do anything differently if you did it again?
Simon:Nope. I don't think there's anything this car needs, really. Thoughts on the general ownership experience of the vehicle?
Simon: Everything is great about owning this car. There is nothing else like it on the road, is there? Every time I get behind the wheel, there's this massive smile on my face. That hasn't changed since the first day I bought it and I don't think it ever will.
Numerous people just stop and look at it as I go past them. I've had so many people drive up the wrong side of the road just to get a closer look at my ride. Whenever I stop at a gas station, people come up and wait for me to get out, to talk to me about it. Most of them want to take pictures with it.
There is a downside to owning an Escort Cosworth though, the paranoia that accompanies the pride. I can't leave it in car parks and if I go out for dinner I have to park the car somewhere I can see it. Although I have a very good alarm system installed, with several sensors all over it and an alerting system on my phone, there's always the risk of technology failing. I once read in a magazine that once you own a cossie, you enter into a lifetime of worry. I think that is true.

Although some owners would argue that the Escort Cosworth now needs some upgrades and newer technology fitted to compete with the modern cars, Simon believes that the cossie is best left untouched.

escort-cosworth-3He says, because he bought it with his mother's money that she left behind after her death, it's like a gift from her to make his dream come true. Apart from the great emotional attachment Simon has developed with his car, he feels that it is a great source of pride and a true remembrance of his mother.

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