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Middle console - something missing??

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Mondeo Edge TDCI 2006 - In front of the gearshift there is an empty space beside the cupholder, looks like maybe something was there before. Can anyone tell me if something should be there or is it just a small storage space? I would have assumed it used to be an ashtray but there is already one between the seats...
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I think that's where the heated seat controls go if you have them fitted.
On cars that dont have them fitted it is used as a (useless) storage area, would normally have a tiny little rubber mat sat inside the recess.
Thanks, thats what I was thinking, lets in a nice draught too!!
It's not useless. I keep my garage key in there. :L
Never forget the built in credit card holder in the top part of the storage area.

It's so you can put a parking card, or works I.D. in there, and someone cash smash your windows thinking it's a real credit card :}
card holers in both glove boxes too :)
Maybe this is because we would need three credit cards if we bought all our spares at Ford prices :}
I ripped the cubby out and fitted my Parrot display over the hole. Not ideal, but I don't use the display anyway, I just hit the button to answer a call.
mine got a little mat in it and of course the card holder above it...which i was told to put my AA membership card in .....not funny :annoyed:
have a spare coin holder thing in shed you can have if you just pay for postage to stop your daft if you haven't sorted it already.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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