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not found a post like this, just wondered what sort of mileage people had on there mk3s

Ive got 33K on a 52 plate :)
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bloody hell i ve got 116k on an 03plate
129k on a 54 plate for me. :kaffeetrinker_2:
39k on my 54, 2004.
Hi all newbie here my last mk3 51 plate 233k and was still going strong

84k on my 54 plate.
58k on my 54-plate, putting another 2k on it over the easter fortnight probably. Drives better and tighter than the 26k Lancer it replaced.
45000 :driving: on 52 plate
150,000 04 plate, But i dont do many miles.

So plenty of the people that bought lower mileage cars will overtake me.

Only do a couple of thousand miles a year, Depends how many holidays i have. Cornwall adds loads 1000 miles.
54k on a 53 plate,

nice to see some big figures though :)
134k on my 55 plate :)
51,000 on my 05 tdci.
59k 55plate
72k on a 04 but seams to feel more like 172
80k on an 03 plate, but that won't change until me and dad collect the car Friday.
1 - 20 of 46 Posts
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