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Hi all,

I've been looking at the Milltek homepage just now and seen that there are no products for a 2.0L '95 - which own.
But I remembered see somewhere on here that the Focus '00-'02 models (or around that) have basically the same engine because the bomz and other induction kits are the same for both cars.

Is it possible for me to buy a full Milltek system, with the manifold AND the hi-flow cat exhaust system for the Focus 1.8-2.0L (199:cool: and have it successfully installed onto my car?

Also, I was wanting to install a Bomz/K&N induction system and then chip it as well.

Milltek product link,

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I dont think the manifold and cat are the same. Otherwise I would think it would fit.

Best bet, find your local Powerflow dealer and ask them, they will knock you up one

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if you get the exhaust manifold it will need the bottom bit chopped and welded in a different route to fit around the mondeo sump - this aint cheap.

the exhaust system itself is totally different from focus to mondeo. powerflow or mongoose or blueflame make them for mondeos.

on mine i have a cougar 4-2-1 manifold from USA from , and a custom twin exit powerflow exhaust system. this works very well indeed and sounds awesome.

on my other mondeo i am fitting a modified focus st170 exhaust manifold - ludaprix had it made up for his and it was quite pricey to get made.

the manifold has to clear the aircon pump, sump and other gubbins. then EGR and lambda's are to sort out.
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