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mineral oil

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hi all just realised ive topped my duratec up with mineral oil 10/50 about 3 weeks ago do you think this is why shes starting to smoke a bit .i know its ment to have 5w/30 oil but its all i had at the time is it to late? thanks karl
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Unlikely, how much did you top it up?
quite alot had a engine leak at the back the dippy said beetween half and 3/4 .i was told if you dont put the right oil in it would smoke hence sticking oil control rings due to wrong viscosity thanks for rply karl
Just drain it and put the right stuff in, it's still oil so I can't imagine it's caused any issues other than smoking.

I'm sure a change would solve the issue.

Also might be worth considering flushing it either with cheapo asda's oil or flush fluid.
10/50 will be like treacle compared to the usual watery oil moondeo's use.

Get it out ASAP.
hi all changed last night and flushed it aswell .put sone castrol edge in it with new filter and prolong .hope it does the trick thanks for the replys great site this karl
prolong? whats that an additive?
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