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Mintex pads and discs......

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Does anybody know if they're any good or not?
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So they do make a difference? Ive been considering changing to these aswell
Defo yes from me compaired to standard fords, however i'm sure other will say there's better but at a cost
I got Mintes groved/dimpled discs and pads on my v6, really happy with them, been on the car for about 10,000 miles now, much much better then standard and they are really good in the wet.
Definitley tempted.......
A vote for the standard Mintex stuff here, it's what I run on myine. My local Ford dealer even stocks Mintex stuff now along side Fords own branded stuff, and when I asked about it when I saw they where selling Mintex, he said that Mintex made the OE Ford one's anyway so it made sense them selling Mintex so they could offer an alternative and not lose out to the motor factors every time when folk are pricing stuff up and don't want to go the Ford parts route due to there higher cost. Last time I fitted some, I had a ring round, and rang him last as he told me to, and he under cut the rest, not by much, but did his best, and thats where I bought some from, a Ford dealer of all places. I have to say, he looks after me well with oil's and filters when I push him as well, and there always OE Motorcraft stuff as well. As for your local dealer selling Mintex, I guess it come's down to what franchise you have near you, I would say it's a hit and miss thing, and well well the parts desk person knows you. Anyway, Mintex all the way from me. :L
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I've just fitted a full set of Mintex - £97.60 delivered next day off Ebay.
I fitted Mintex disc and pads to the front of mine and I'm happy with them, braking is at least as good as before and if anything the pedal feels a little firmer.

I'm not so sure Mintex are OEM though, mine had always been serviced at Ford dealers and had Bosch brake pads fitted as standard. Whatever, if Mintex is OEM or not doesn't change the fact that they are at least a match to the OEM.
i am looking at doing the front brakes and disc's on my car

are these the ones i need just want to make sure before i buy

thanks :)
Should be, thats the same seller I used, arrived next day.
Waltfen said:
Should be, thats the same seller I used, arrived next day.
Ordered these for mine a few weeks ago and got next day delivery.
I have always used mintex brand when i need to change my discs & pads, found them to be spot on :L
I've always bought those Mintex "brakes in a box" kits, pads and discs, good quality and a good price.
ordered thanks guys

now i hope thats the reason i get a squeaky noise on the front drivers wheel it is either that or a bearing

seems to only do it when raining or wet and then only at random (not when breaking)
hope they are good.just got some off of the bay , £47 front discs n pads delivered . now to fit them if it ever stops raining....typical eh ?
yeah they are good i fitted mine yesterday first wheel was great as soon and i stared the second the heavens opened :D i got soaked but the breaks got finshed
lol rob I was working on wifes ka in the same weather....supension strut, link arm and wishbone all got left lying under the car...will refit today as weather is decent.
Must admit robchap my mondeo has had the dreaded front squeak a couple of times.....always been discs and pads....never bearings (tw).
How do the mintex compare to the EBC Ultimax anyone know?

I remember (i'm going back 30 years here) always fitting mintex to my dads Granada 2.8i on his say so, and that car almost stopped on a sixpence,

I did go from fords to EBC Ultimax, as my bro-inlaw gets 30% discount so for a full set front and back cost me £95 and they seem better than the standard ford ones, but i still got gripes with the mondey braking system.
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