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Hey all,

New member but have been reading the forums for a while and have not seen anything with my symptoms (maybe I haven't searched the right keywords).

Had my mk3 Mondeo for about 2 years now and have had some issues with it the whole time,
It's a 2005 estate just over 225k kms

Overheats which makes the heater blow cold air but comes back down pretty quick and heat back on. Hasn't happened with the A/C on cold
Little bit of oil in the reservoir
Completely cuts out about once a week while driving, no stutter just cuts out
Misfires on occasion but not very often (has been hard to start in the past with rough idle and strong petrol smell but that hasn't happened for a while)

I have seen similar issues with other mk3's but nothing with the same as mine.

First Ford I have owned and I am really enjoying it so would rather fix her up than sell her on and buy something else\

Any suggestions would be great
1 - 1 of 5 Posts