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Misfire Went Cronic! With Xtra Egg!

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Hi Guys,

I had a 2K slight miss and lumpy acccelleration.

Then today the car just turned into a load of misfires and was making really eggy smells!..Cripes I hate modern injected cars LOL..

I have a new Intermotor (Ford?) Coil Pack, Leads and Plugs. The Leads are OEM, I suppose its possible these have failed straight off.

I am gonna put the old leads back, and see what happens, then the old coil pack.

However, I am starting to think there are other ECU sensor problems. Despite there being no errors showing.
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Have you checked water for oil? eggy smell not good.
more than likely the cat.
No sign of scum or oil in water. Tested with paper, no sign of grease. Engine doesnt ever move off centre of temp guage.

Eggy smell only occurs when misfiring.

Misfire seems to be total lost of ignition on some pots? A Drop to two? Feels so spark related to me. Although the lumpy acceleration does make me think cat.

No engine management errors though?
Doesnt the cat show on the engine light?
Im not sure if it would show up, if it were the cat. someone on here sells de-cat pipes, if it turns out to be the cause.
Thought that was just TDCI's? that the decats were for..?

What are the MOT Implications?
What fuel have you got in there? Eggy smell suggests sulphur, which should not be in petrol.

Paul. :)
ive got the fmous decat for my mk3 it sailed through emissionsgo buy one gives better power and also make the exhaust note sound different .as for the misfire try looking at the injector plugs where they push on thats what mine was or if thats not it plugs not working as they should or faulty leads or plugs thanks karl
wrightpc said:
What fuel have you got in there? Eggy smell suggests sulphur, which should not be in petrol.

Paul. :)
If its the cat it won't oxidise the waste sulphur in the unburnt fuel, hence it is passed out as hydrogen sulphide which smells of rotten eggs. very toxic too.
Firstly, you need to fix this quickly before it kills your cat. It sounds very much like unburnt fuel is getting in there which will ruin it.

If you think its ignition related, then do the usualy basic checks. Spark plugs out, check the colour, gap, condition of electrode etc. Also, look for signs of arcing down the side of the white porcelain bit of the plug which should be visible as a brown/black burn mark. DO NOT TEST YOU PLUGS BY GROUNDING THEM TO THE CAR. NEW ECU TIME IF YOU DO!

Check your leads as well. Condition, age, signs of arcing etc. Its worth noting that the leads should all have some silicon grease in the end of them to help prevent the arcing mentioned. If someone has forgotton to put this on when changing the plugs, it could be part of the problem.

Last place to check is the coil pack. Take it off and look at the underneath. If its cracked or there are burn/scorch marks, its likely its on its way out. Im certain they are the same as the Mk2 zetec coil packs which have/had a life of about 80k before giving issues (had to do mine on my mk2 2.0 zetec)

Check those and see where you go from there. HOpe its of some help.
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UN F*#king real man!..

TWO Dud coil packs from my Auto Factors!!!

Orignal problems caused by bad leads. Now replaced.

1) Replace Bad Leads with Average OEM Leads and New Intermotor Coil Pack. Result = Terrible Missing. Replaced Coil Pack with Original Got NEW coil pack.
2) Second Coil Pack Goes. Leads are popping off plugs by themselves!
3) New Good Quality OEM Leads with grease (Ford Parts literally too busy to answer phone!)..Running 100% with original Intermotor Coil pack!!!

Wow ! bloody hell, at least its sorted now, glad it was not your cat!
Oh b*gger.

Spoke to soon.

The old coil pack was originally missing and under some cirucumstance still is. Car just did massive round trip full tank drive and turned in late 30's mpg !!.. But when its driven in the 1.5. to 2.5K missy range is can occassionally be smelly.

Seems like I need to get a new cat, a new coil pack and just chill the _uck out :) LOL

I might as well de-cat the car for now, and get a good OEM coil pack. Return 80mph cruise was closer to 40mpg than 30. So motor cant be that hoofed :) LOL
Get a new coil pack from Ford. IIRC the one for my old Zetec mk2 was about £70 from Ford.

I do know that a place called A&S Mondeos were knocking out some brand new bosch coil packs for about £50

Info from FMOC website:

Mondeo specialsist based in Wednesbury West Midlands minutes from M6 Jct 9 or M5 Jct 1 Mechanical parts Bumpers Lamps and panels available off the shelf. Used and aftermarket parts stocked. Ford radio decoding service. Ex main dealer staff. Vehicle recovery / Delivery undertaken. Visit our website @

I am getting the car closer and closer to being right.
I have a good feeling this car has been driven around towns at 30-40mph in 4th and 5th and its within this rev range that most problems are encountered.
Each tank load of injector cleaner I put through it gets it better and better.

I have a new OE Coil Pack coming and I will probably change the cat.

But the car is doing very decent mpg...
OK... I got ...Ford Leads. Ford Coil Pack.

And its way better than it ever has been.

But I still have a very slight miss around the 2250rpm area. Only noticeable with very slight throttle depressions.
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