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misty windows

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any ideas as to why my windows all round mist up after parking the car.

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u may have a leak in the car check your carpets are not wet ...
ok when the car is on the move , ventilation is working and windows are less likely to mist .there is no mystery in them misting when the car is stopped there is simply no air flow in the motors inside to ventilate .as the other commentator says if there is mist there is water or water vapour getting into the car ..check for leaks especially if its a hatchback the seals on the back door .and also check the heatre marrix for a leak under the front panel which might be getting on the carpets and then emmiting vapour wnen the car is stopped and windows are closed hoowever its happening water or water vapour is gettng in the car it may be also simply that you are carrying sombody whoose clotes are continully damp and the vapour is getting on the seat covers however it is getting in the car and then misting when no air flow getting on the windows;s
ive just checked carpets they are dry no water loss.would it have anything to do with air con.

After I have had the aircon on and stop it mists when I start the car again (water vapour from damp ducts), but not just when I stop.

How long does it take to mist up? Could it just be from your breath if you are in there for a while? Does it mist if you hop out immediately?

Give the windows a good clean on the inside (just a dry kitchen towel does a good job) because the more impurities on the glass the higher the chance of condensation.

Paul. :)
Turn the temperature down as you near the end of your journey.

The warm air inside is bound to cause condensation on the glass.

Equalise the temp and it wont happen as much. In theory anyway.

Changed the pollen filter? is it wet?
it doesnt mist up for an hour or so.never thought about pollen filter will change at the weekend.

ok spudd.I have another idea you can check on .once upon a time i was driving along and stopped suddenly and i got misting almost immediatley on the windows and it was quite heavey i couldent figure it so i got out ofthe motor and from what i could seee water in the exhaust had gotten jolted forward onto a hotter area of the exhaust pipe and turned to steam which made its way into the vehicle .just something you might check and see if there is water in your exhaust ,and yes i believe the air con can also cause steaming of the windows so try not using it for a while if controls allow you to do this and just use the heater on and the blower make sure you keep and eye on the aircon swithch that it stays off .
saturated pollen one in place now wait and see.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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