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Hello All,

I have an old Mk1 automatic that I'm trying to get the last few miles out of before I have to find a replacement. I'm pretty sure I've lost 2nd gear but I'm more interested by the problem I'm having with 4th gear.

Over the last 5000 miles 4th gear has become more and more reluctant to engage. It would not engage until higher and higher speed was attained to the point now when it does not engage except under the following conditions: during the first couple of miles of a journey; after 40 odd miles when it will occasionally engage at 50 mph and above; when driving up a slope.

The car is not worth any gearbox rebuild but it does deserve - for excellent service - some remedial care before I give up on it. I have changed the vehicle speed sensor and the transmission fluid without any improvement.

I'm intrigued by the 4th gear problem and would like to understanding what is going on in case I've missed something obvious like another miss-behaving sensor.

Your comments would be much appreciated.
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Hello Danny,

I hadn't thought about the fluid sitting differently when going up a slope. I like that idea!

Things have been interesting today so I feel inclined to share the tale.

Saturday morning I change the speed sensor without any affect. That afternoon - contrary to the advice of more than one Ford garage - I changed the transmission fluid because I felt a breakdown in fluid properties/performance could explain the symptoms.

I found reading the dipstick VERY VERY difficult but, having refilled with the same quantity that came out (3.5 lires), and a consitently changing level on one side of the stick whenever more was added, I felt moderately confident things were about right. I had warmed things up and kept moving through the gears as I refilled.

Obviously I was disappointed when I drove the car afterwards and, if anything, the apparent loss of 2nd gear was more prominent and 4th was nowhere to be found. This morning I drove the 60 miles to work in 1st, 3rd and 4th on the odd occasion when, yes, you guessed it, when going up an incline.

So, all disappointed, I turned to this forum for inspiration with half and eye turned to ebay.

Now, for me anyway, the interesting bit. I start my return journey and soon realise that things are not as they were - 4th positively bursting with desired to muscle 3rd out of the way and 2nd has rejoined the party!

My guess is the transmission fluid, during the cool down, had found those parts that it had previously failed to reach.

I'm going to check the level and see if it has dropped. Of course, I'm now tempted to put more in. What are the consequences of putting too much in contrary to the advice on the dipstick?
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Thanks for the advice.

I have found it ridiculously difficult to read the level but I was moderately confident that I had it about a third of the way up the cross-hatched band.

I will be checking it again tomorrow to see if it has changed and I will try to fill it to the top mark.

All four gears again today!

Anyone want a rather well used vehicle road sensor (mechanical speedo)?
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