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MK1 washer jets

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drivers side working, passenger not?

have blown through the tubes, all clear, have pocked a pin down the jets, still not working...

...very strange.
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come off at the reservoir? quite common...

no i checked that, and as i said DRIVERS side is working, PASSENGERS is not.
whoops sorry, i wasnt on the ball was i?

no idea soz. wont be hard to sort. probably a block. :)
Sounds like it needs a new jet
The tube goes from the tank to the drivers then to the passengers, check the interconnecting tube is still connected?
percybigun said:
Sounds like it needs a new jet
tend to agree with you phil, lol, not much to wrong with em really.
sounds like there is some crap in the tube after the first jet or something lodged in the jet itself and the pin isnt reaching it to dislodge it.
try removing the tube from the blocked jet and operate the washer to confirm the water is getting that far and also blow the jet backwards with an airline.
just another thought is the tube fouling anything with the bonnet shut and squashing down impeding flow?
already checked tubes to first, drivers, and second passengers, all tubes clear.
ok guys are mk1 HEATED washer jets the same as mk2`s? and are these the same as mk3`s?

as in the bonnet fit, hole size etc...and the plugs for the heating element part?

Many thanks.
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