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Mk2 Brake upgrade

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Hi all,

I know that this has been covered elsewhere on the forum and apologies upfront for being a newbie but some advice would be good. :stupid:

I have 260 mm discs on my 16" wheeled Mondy and am looking at upgrading the size to say 300 mm that appears to be similar to the V6's etc.

A set of AP's are out of the question.

This means a change of calipers but I am not that technically minded and changing pads and disc is about my level.

How have you guys uprated your calipers? DIY job or have you used a company to do this?

Any pointers would be good.
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Depending on what 16" wheels you have, the above setup, with the focus dics/MK3 caliper, may fit.

They don't fit behind the ST24 4 spoke wheels but they do fit behind the 5 spoke Cosworth style wheels
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