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Mk2 Brake upgrade

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Hi all,

I know that this has been covered elsewhere on the forum and apologies upfront for being a newbie but some advice would be good. :stupid:

I have 260 mm discs on my 16" wheeled Mondy and am looking at upgrading the size to say 300 mm that appears to be similar to the V6's etc.

A set of AP's are out of the question.

This means a change of calipers but I am not that technically minded and changing pads and disc is about my level.

How have you guys uprated your calipers? DIY job or have you used a company to do this?

Any pointers would be good.
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to put on the mk3 calipers with 300mm disks you need to space the caliper carrier using washers or similar. its fairly straight forward.

if you put the 278mm v6 sized disks and calipers on its just a straight swap

i had 5-spoke 16" zetec wheels on with the mk3 300mm setup and they fit fine.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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