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Mk2 Indicators - not working

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Any advice would be much appreciated on the following.

I have a 1999 2.0 Mondeo Zetec. Ever since I've had it the indicators have been a little tempremental, but now they're just getting silly, and rarely work at all. Sometimes they work after the car has been running for a while and I've hit them a hundred times, but it's really hit and miss.

Could this be a relay? How easy is the relay to get to - I gather it's under the steering wheel? Would one be able to get a relay from Halfords?

Also, it may be worth mentioning that I also have an intermittently working window heater (front and back), as well as an intermittently working handbrake warning light. Could these faults be related? Other than that (and the car not heating up properly - thermostat still to change), it's nearly perfect!

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to start with i'd check the relevant fuses / relays are securely fitted. also check earth straps are clean and secure
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