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Hello there

Due to not being able to find out how the MK2 Mondeo speedo console looks with out its dials and how to remove/replace the dials, I thought id give you a helping hand here:

First remove the speedo console as stated in Haynes manual and wiki site.

Dismantle the front glass by pushing the tabs in and removing, this is what it will look like:

Remove the needles with 2 spoons under them and lever up till off (make sure you note where they are pointing first) or cut out the dials with a sharp knife and be careful not to move the needle. Also pull off the trip reset knob.
The Green colour you are seeing when you turn on the dash is because the back of the dials are like this:

When all dials removed your speedo should look like this:

Next would be attaching your new dials line them up and stick em down and re attach you needles.

This is what your speedo would look like at the end:

This quick guide is for people who would like a rough guide on dismantling and seeing what their speedo looks like I hope it helps some people thank you
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