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hi folks.

Horn aint working and the fault seems to be the steering wheel. How do i get if off and what should i look out for while doing it. Guy i know through work reckons its quite a common fault and the old contact unit can usually be fixed. any ideas???



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its the clock spring behind the wheel, to get the airbag off u need a long t30 torx. You wil lneed to remove the steering cowelingfirst then behind the wheel on both sides is a hole in the middle (ignore other holes) its a bit fiddly to get the torx to go in the torx screw but once its in just unscrew it and it will sit there after its disconnected from the airbag. once u undone both then u can take the airbag off and undo the wheel the rest is straight forward and easy.

just remember to disconnect the battery for 30 mins before you disconnect the airbag, if you disconnect the battery then go undoing the coweling and having a look for the torx screws and undoing them by the time you done that u wont have long to wait before you can disconnect the airbag.
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