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1994 1l Fiesta. Taxed and tested till end of month (August) Needs a sill and a shock absorber (which i have bought) for MOT - nothing else required. Advisory of front tyre. I am able to keep on top of most things but have to admit defeat when it comes to bodywork or welding!! Local guy has quoted silly money to do sill, which I can't justify. Be a great project for someone with the skills or contacts. Low mileage - 89000. Old MOTs available to see. I'm the second owner, with the first being a local elderly couple. The last 30000 miles have been added by me. Apart from the above, the car runs great and other than a new alternator last year, has NEVER let me down or failed to start! It woiuld be a crime to scrap so hoping someone is interested. Photos available and anyone is free to test drive before end of month. Located South of Scotland but happy to deliver at cost to anyone, providing deposit paid thru paypal. Cheers.
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