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mk3 ghia x vs st 220

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Im sure this will have been asked before so aplogies first,at the moment i have a 51 plate v6 ghia x,totally standed,was thinking of trading it in for a mk2 200 or a 24,dismissed the 24 after i couldnt find one with full leather and those alloys well nuff said :doh: ,so my search went on to the st200,mmmm no way im paying upwards of £3000 for a ten year old car,so i thought about the 220 seen an early one 53 plate in silver £3500,hundred and twelve on the clock,but that leather,its bloody red please tell me this is not standed its horrid,i love silver but no way could i live with that red leather and the door cards are the same aswell :tonofbricks: ,thought about buying some st wheels for mine front and back bumber yeh you know the crack,but how much will that lot cost,so guys can i buy an early st220 in silver without that hideous "red crap"? is the 220 engine really any quicker than the 170?what insurance group is the 220 opossed to the ghia x<having said that ive just paid £282 full comp>honestly i just cannot make my mind up, stick with the ghia x and mod it to st spec or just trade in and get an st220..atb paul
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You've not done your homework on the 200 or 220 at all then?
Decent 200's can be had for well under 3k if you hunt around. Sell your car private and buy private and the cheaper ones will be within your reach. Expect to buy a hatch though as the Ltd Ed saloon commands a huge premium.
ST220s had the red leather as an optional extra so they don't all have this. There are loads out there with grey, black and cream leather.
Most ST220s make over 225-230+bhp standard as Ford seem to have been very conservative with their power figures.
plus you can sell the "ugly" red leather recaros for about £500+ on the bay and get yourself a black recaro set for cheaper,

i personally like the red recaros, i think they look very good in the silver st220's :)
Firstly, the red is amazing :}

Secondly, the ST220 should be night and day quicker than a 2.5, even the ST200. If it's performance you want your choices are ST220, then ST TDCI, then ST200 in that order.

[color:red]Done it both ways,modded a Ghia X to full ST220 spec,inc the gorgeous red recaro. :woot: [/color]

I have had a ST220 for the last 12 months.

Making your Ghia X look like a 220 will not be cheap,and at the end of the day you will have spent a lot of money and time on the car ,that is still a Ghia X.

My advice is go for the ST220,and enjoy. :driving:
im agreeing with the guys ,a ghia x will always be a ghia x ,i bought kazuyadogs old car,i would go for the 220 some bargains out there for you at the moment m8,big power for the money
I've recently had chance to drive the 3.0 and 2.5 back to back and the difference is night and day. It's not the top end power. The 3.0 pulls strongly from 1000rpm and is really hauling by 3500rpm. In comparison the 2.5 is fairly week at low rpm.
By the time the 2.5 has got into it's stride the 3.0 is already snarling it's way to the red line.
There's little difference in economy so go for the 3.0

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