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Mk3 hach rear heated window

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Hi to everyone.

The rear heated window starts to become clear after approx 15 mins I turn on the switch for mirrors and rear window (almost when the system goes off automatically).

As a result the system cannot make clear the window. :(

This happens all the time and I was wondering if someone had the same problem and how did he solve it.

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Only me has this problem? :yawn:
Yes I'm sure.
Nevertheless I do not find it resonable to have the window clear after 15 mins.
As I said, the window starts become clear after 15 mins. This doesn't make sence because most of the trips inside town lasts about 20 mins.

I own a Hyundai Accent also and the window starts to become clear after 1-2 mins. In 5 mins the window is 90% clear.

It doesn't hear logical to unplug the wires due to the fact that the car is two and a half years old but I'll try it.
Additionally I've bought from the market a special liquid to cover the rear window in order to reduce concentration of the humidity. I''ll let you know if this works.. :L
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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