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Mk3 hach rear heated window

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Hi to everyone.

The rear heated window starts to become clear after approx 15 mins I turn on the switch for mirrors and rear window (almost when the system goes off automatically).

As a result the system cannot make clear the window. :(

This happens all the time and I was wondering if someone had the same problem and how did he solve it.

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my rear window sometimes takes a little longer to start clearing, it only does this when i also have the heated front window & all the lights on etc but i am only talking about a minute extra and so far i have always switched off the rear screen before it has ever timed out on its own ( even when iced up on the outside & not just a foggy interior )

it might be worth unplugging the wires on the wingmirrors as this may help if there is a lack of power getting to the rear screen.

might also be worth unplugging the wires from the screen itself and making sure they are making a nice clean contact :L
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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