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MK3 Pre-facelift:Glovebox Aux in?

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Hi All,

I'm due to be collecting my 2003 pre facelift LX this coming saturday and I wondered if anyone would be able to tell me whether or not it's likely to have an Aux-in connection in the glovebox?

I forgot to check when I was looking it over in favour of trying to check the more important things on it instead.

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i would say yes, i have an 53 plate (04) and mine has.
Take a look in the ICE section i put a post with pics on there for a guy, its under bluetooth and ipod connection
hi my ipod connector comes from bk of stereo and goes to glove box and it was well easy to put the lead to the glove box if thats what u were asking
No. No preface motor had this feature. The 6006e or 6000 (which ever its fitted with) doesnt support it.
mine is an 03 zetec which had a 6006e and doesnt have one. although my 7" touch screen one does
pre facelift, won't have it

post facelift, will have it
I see. Thanks for the clarification folks. Much appreciated.

I guess I'll hang onto my old trusty FM transmitter then.
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