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Well the car passed it's MOT yesterday with just 2 advisories.

1. Noisy OSR wheel bearing.

2. Excessive handbrake travel.

I was happy with that until I got the price of the wheel bearing; £193.00 + VAT (and labour) as it's a complete unit with hub, etc.

I thought it had been droning for a bit, but was trying to ignore it.

Also been looking at how to adjust the handbrake and in looking at a couple of other posts it seems like it's a centre console removal and screw driver bodge-job, is this correct?

I think I might leave all this until it's next service as that's only 3k away...

:eek:fftopic: It happens all at once; Christmas, 700 litres of oil for our heating, car tax, electricity bill, tax bill from when I was self-employed and the above car costs looming.

Oh well, better get stuck into some of that left over booze!


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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