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MK3 ST half leather in the Mk1

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i decided the black mk1 was ready for a much nicer interior (this is the 4th interior thats been in since i had the car, i'm nearly as bad as Marney and his wheels!).

i got this half leather from a mk3 ST TDCi.

front seat elecs are wired in and working, but not the heated bits yet.

i had to fit the mk3 front seatbelts, the mk1/mk2 seatbelts wouldnt fit. i had to make a hybrid of the mk1 and mk3 seatbelts.

rears not quite finished yet but getting there.

it'll look much better all hoovered out, cockpit shined and leather cleaned but the car is still off the road for major upgrades so no point valetting it yet.

the front seats are electric height only, so they arent the really heavy ones. they are lighter weight than mk1 GhiaX leathers, but feel a tad heavier than mk2 ST24/ST200 seats.

i've included a pic of under the seat showing how to wire it in.

dash will also be getting changed again soon.


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Another cracking addition Philius!

Meant to ask at the weekend do they have the armrest in the rear! Looks right at home and brings interior right up to date!

Looks right at home in there :smoking:
Good choice :L
Why not just get a Mk3? :whistling: :stir:

Seriously though - looks great, so it can be done :L
cheers guys.

been looking for something different for a while, i've already got the st200 interior in my other car, and i wasnt overly keen on the bucket seats in this one which i had a while ago.

i've got bored of looking at mk1/mk2 leather interiors over the last 10 years and am glad this worked out so that i get to have a more modern feel to the motor.

and, most mk2 ST interiors selling second hand these days are scruffy. going for mk3 means much better condition!
That looks great. Was it very difficult to get the rear seat to fit? I thought the fronts were supposed to be fairly easy but the rears could be a right P.I.T.A
Totally transforms the inside cracking! :L
mexico531 said:
That looks great. Was it very difficult to get the rear seat to fit? I thought the fronts were supposed to be fairly easy but the rears could be a right P.I.T.A
the interior i got was from a mk3 hatch, and i've put it into a mk1 saloon.

rear bench bolted straight in and is exactly the right shape (luckily the mk1 saloon has the same threaded bolt holes in the floorpan as the hatchback).

as for the rear uprights, at the 2 sides (near the doors) the mk3 brackets bolt straight in, but the centre bracket doesnt line up so i am going to make an adaptor plate (so i dont need to drill and tap into the chassis) which will be very easy.

the problem is going to be sorting the top latches, i'll probably bolt 2 big brackets to the backs of the seats and fix them to my rear strut brace.

unfortunately ford have made the mk3 rear seats, so that the covers arent removable (like they are on mk1/mk2) so i couldnt make a hybrid like i have done before.

just to add, mk2's will be very similar fitment to my mk1 (for those who didnt realise :L )
looks really good and suit the car another great mod
Looks great, didn't bother doing the heating when did mine either.

Thought you wasn't gonna do it when spoke last. Bet you noticed the difference in weight with the seats, amazing how heavy they are.

But well done mate :L
these arent the full electric seats, leccy height only so they arent that heavy. alot lighter than mk1 ghiaX leather anyway.

shame the back seat cover wont come off so i could ditch the rear centre seatbelt, it weighs alot!

but i'll make it so the back seats come out quick/easy for track days etc.
they look proper sweet phil, transform the car to look really new
nice one phil. glad they went in without too much hassle. looking good, now get them other bits fitted
What dash will you be putting in the car? the seats look really good though, seem to really suite it :L
Good work Phil, cracking job and looks sorted. :L
The main dash i want flocked black, and the tops of the doorcards. The 3 main dash panels i want st200 blue marble, i'll have to get sgking to do them for me.
I was thinking of strip-out, cage and buckets but it wont be on tracks that much and theres enough power to not require a load of weight loss.
looks really good, and like others have said, it brings the interior more up to date. its good that somebody on meg has now done the mod and disclosed how they did it, as nobody had really done so from what i have read. nice one.

so did you fit the marble door inserts you had off me already?did you recieve the 'cashback' i sent you as you were a megger? :)
excellent, good choice, i need to get mine back on the road :blush:
They look really at home fitted in your motor, I bet there comfy, Nice upgrade phil :L
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