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Just looking for some help, bought a old Network Rail Mk7 Transit with a dead lock but the can didnt come with the key so trying to convert back to the normal lock mechanism but not sure what im looking for to convert.

|Has anyone got a photo of the door mech from the inside so to speak so I can make the necessary adjustments to hopefully get the doors open :)

Thanks in advance

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You just need the barrel section which can easily be matched to the key that you have.

Locksmith or some ebay sellers can send you a lock from just a photo of your key. A locksmith can make
you a key to fit the current lock also.

Creating a remote key fob takes less than 2 minutes, ignition on/off 4 times within 6 seconds (end in off position)
and a tone sounds. Press a button on the fob and another tone sounds. Ignition on and off again to exit
program mode. Done.

Cheap used fobs work fine.

Removing the deadlock seems like a lot of work for nothing, if you sort a key or fob then dont double lock it
and it wont operate the deadlock mechanism.
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