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Mobile's that connect automatically

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Please be patient with me, as i do not own a mobile(and therefore know very little about them), but SWMBO wants the following problem sorted.

SWMBO has a Samsung D900i.

When she uses my Mondeo (full BT+USB retrofit using the 8M5T-19C112-AL module) her mobile connects automaticaly.
But when she uses her 09 Focus (full BT+USB retrofit using the later 8M5T-19C112-AM module) her mobile won't connect till she has to accepted the connection (if BT Audio doesn't connect first), which means she has to dig her mobile out of the bottom of her handbag.

What she wants to know is, does anybody who has a 04/2009 onwards Mondeo know of any mobile's that will automaticaly connect?
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I suspect becuase there are two different modules and one phone, the phone will only automatically connect with one bt module? I may be wrong of course; I'm not sure if the bt on the phone allows auromatic connection to more than one bt module (regardless of whether it's a car or laptop or whatever?).
I think SWMBO is looking at stitching me up with a mobile :angryfire: something I've managed to aviod uptil now.

Debonded and rebonded her mobile this evening, looks to work OK.

Just lists 2 x Ford Audio in my devices. Connects OK to both tonight.
On my Nokia N95 I had to go into the bluetooth menu and turn on "automatic connect" for each device (laptop, car, headset). Maybe she just needs to tell her phone that the Focus is authorized to connect automatically?
As steve wrote...
I don't have D900 at hand but try to enter D900 BT menu, choose My devices, choose your Focus device and check for properties. Choose 'Auto connection' or 'Always allow' whatever it is called.

edit: Oh.. you have already found a solution.. sorry for confusion. :)
Hi I have a Nokia N95 that connects to a 59 plate mondeo and reads the phone book - however you need to put a .sis file onto the phone to get it stable, - you can get this from the ford compatability web site
Stable in what way? Mine seems fine without an additional SIS file.
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