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Modding auto engine

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Never really got into modding cars until the Mondeo. Have started on some cosmetic bits and bobs but looking at venturing into engine mods.

Would appear BlueFin, exhaust and re-mapping are quite popular. Is there a different approach to automatic cars than manual?

Not wanting to mess with the noise (can't stand noisy engines, one of the appealing things about the Mondeo is how quiet it is), just something to give it a bit more oomph!
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Bit harder on an automatic, You need to increase airflow for more power but you dont want a noisy air filter or exhaust.

Also you need to be careful that any mods you do does not affect the gearboxes ecu.

Higher revs etc would be out of the question with an auto. Not the strongest ox boxes to start with.
Cheers, think I'll stick to the cosmetic mods for the time being :L
Read a lot about Bluefin, anygood for an auto? Or are these best with other engine mods?
Dont think they give much extra power on a petrol.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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