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Modeo ST 07 front lower grill problems

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Gents, thought i would consult the pro's on this one, as ford main dealers did'nt have a clue eithe, my front lower grill on my mondeo st has come loose.

It does not appear to have any clips holding the grill in place and it has a chrome strip which runs along the bottom. Nothing appears broken, it just seems that something has knocked it out of place. Having spent the good part of a day trying to fix this yesterday i am heading towards the last resort and glueing the thing into place.

Any ideas?

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If it is broken, I'd be tempted to use a dab of flexible glue where the surfaces meet.
if its like the mark 3 the grill should hold the chrome strip in place not sure what the mk4 one is like though
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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