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modifying ideas for mk2 mondeo

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hi looking to modify my mondeo is a smart looking way. dose anyone have any ideas????
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change the dial colors.. thats a good place to start and not hard at all!!
ive gt a green mondeo so gana leave them green i think
tar anyway
Bit of further description would be helpful?
Do you want to change the looks? How far do you want to go as in budget wise?
You may be best off looking through the 'Car Diaries' section on here to look what others have done to theirs to gain inspiration of what direction you want to go.
If you click the link in my signature, it will take you directly to my Car Diary :L
As above, how much money would you want to spend??


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well i wana do the exhaust. body kit looking at the st24 one, lower it, lights and interior any idea whats best and were to gt um from? will pay as much as i need to.
For bodykit and lights, check eBay and FS section on here. Same places for suspension, or look at parts companies on google. All depends on budget, really. Do you want just lowering springs or full spring and shock set ups?
dnt no bout the springs hw much for just springs and how much for both?
was looking to smooth the boot aswel
All depends what brands you go for, stay away from cheap though. Pi, GMax, Koni or Eibachs for the Mk2, price will be anywhere between £80 and £10 depending what springs you go for same. Same with spring ad shock kits, £250 cheapest I've seen and £500ish for Konis which are the best.
You'll have to decide what order you're going to do things as well.
Take a search round the site, search button at the top of the forum, similar q's have been asked before on exhausts, suspension etc and get peole's opinions before buying.
Have a look at alot of modified cars online and at car shows to get a good feel for what works and what doesnt, and whats in fashion and what is frowned upon :L
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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