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Mondeo = bills

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Hi everyone. I drove a mk4 Edge 1.8 diesel in my last job - decent company car if a little underpowered (125PS isn't enough!) and saggy.

New job and I've inherited an 08 plate Titanium Auto. As a company car. On higher rate tax. Which idiot ordered this car? It costs me £130 more a month than an Audi A6 would (also on the list...!)

Is there a reason why Ford diesel autos belch so much filth into the atmosphere that it hits the 29% tax band? I'm enjoying driving the thing but the bills are preposterous.
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Sounds like you have the early 2.0tdci (130) auto there... That particular set up was only available for about a year after the launch of the mk4 and was 2 tax bands higher than the more powerful manual equivalent. Since then they have increased the power up to match that of the manual, and in doing so reduced the emissions so both manual and auto variants are in the same tax band, (Although the auto does still emit more CO2, as is almost always the case when you attatch an auto gearbox to an engine.) I know this is no help to you now but we're also only a few of months away from a 160hp version of the 2.0TDCI for both transmissions.
Its an old-school automatic with torque-covnerter, they are always worse for emissions than a manual.

I guess Ford have been slow to catch up with the modern auto's as its probably only a small part of their business and so requires a large investment for relatively slow return. Both Mondeo auto's are high on emissions, the 2.3 is virtually the same CO2 as the 2.5T, with the 2.0TDCi 130/140 marginally better. I guess the vast majority or auto sales are to motability or private buyers who only really get penalised for CO2 on their road tax, which I guess dealers can offset with a good discount. With a Co-car the CO2 affects your BIK and the Co's writedown allowance, which i guess precludes a Mondeo auto from nearly every Co-car list in the UK!

I have been considering chopping in my Mondeo 2.0 TDCi Ti-X manual for a V50 drivE stop-start as it would massively reduce my BIK and being under 110g/km your Co get 100% writedown of in the 1st year of ownership against corp-tax. But mine is fitted with some nice extras and I think I will pay more tax for a better vehicle, only other choice was a 320d ED but it woudl list at ~£35k to equip it to the same level as my Mondeo!!!

As a previous 'responder' stated, Ford are introducing the twin clutch auto 'Powershift' as currently used on the Focus (like the VAG DSG) this reduces the emissions to a level almost comparable with the manual equivalents.

Its a shame you got the auto as it will, I think, unfairly taint your opinion of the Mondeo, which I think is a really good car.
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harveyg77 said:
Its a shame you got the auto as it will, I think, unfairly taint your opinion of the Mondeo, which I think is a really good car.
I already think its a good car having driven an Edge 1.8 TDCI for a year in my old job. A few niggles sure - the boot rain, it feels enormous to drive on saggy standard suspension. But other than that its hugely better than the Vectra I had previously.

And had it been a manual box I probably wouldn't have minded getting this as a company car (vs the 3-series I was promised!). As it is I am awaiting another car - ANY other car - to come available in the fleet so I can ditch the Mondeo. Until then, it's getting ragged!
>Titanium TDCI Auto. The tax bomb.<

Your company car tax is high because this model is quite pricey and no matter what you pay for it , the tax will be rated on the MRP
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