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Similar to other recent posts, my 02 TDCI 130bhp cut out as driving along. turns over and then cuts out dead.
have placed with recomended diesel specialist who has confirmed that it is not the fuel pump but something electrical (a cost of £120.00 so far including (3hours labour and diagnostic test)
they now say they need to bring in a leading electrical specialist to assist (a snip apparently at £50.00 an hour!!) i have offered them only another two hours or 100 quids worth of further diagnosis anyone out there able to shed any light on this or had a similar problem

exsparated and almost skint for christmas now


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Do a search on google mate. I had a list of stuff to check when mine went into Ford. From memory, I asked them to check:

Camshaft sensor
Crankshaft sensor
Injector programming
ECU for updates

I am sure there is more but cant remember now.

Hope that helps :L
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