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guys, can you help?!?!?! my 2.0 tdci 03 plate has come up with a few problems over the past month.

first problem - injectors are on there way out. i know what to do about them.

second problem - car overheats when i go over 45-50mph? the gauge will go up quickly, but will drop again if i slow down to 40. that has got me scratching my head but when im stuck in london traffic, it stays normal and wont raise no matter how long im sitting there with the engine running.

third problem - i have a rythmic noise coming from the engine bay, i cant pin point it as it sounds like its from underr the bumper passenger side, but i can hear it everywhere in the engine bay.

sorry for a big list, if anybody has come across any of these i would be greatful for guidance.

p.s. car has done 130,000m and is not losing any water
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