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Mondeo estate clutch prices

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I need to get my clutch changed on my mondeo estate.Anyone have a rough idea of how much it would cost me at a garage to get it done? Its a 2.0 litre zetec engine.year 2000 reg.Hydrolic clutch.
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I recently paid £360 (or there abouts) for a clutch, fully fitted, at Mr Clutch. Comes with a 20k warranty (but you have to take it in at four appointed mileages to get it authorised). Happy with the work - they did it in a day as promised. Rang around plenty of places beforehand - Mr Local not willing to touch it for less than £450 and anybody with a brand seemed to be more than £500. Mine's a 1999 2.0 Hatchback.
i know its a bit late just got my 2.0l hatch done cost me £300 all in at a place in bedworth and got a 2 year warrenty as well
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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