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Hi all,

I have just been tempted and bought a Focus Ghia yesterday, but still have my two Mk2 Mondeos!. If anyone is interested in my metallic grey LX on SORN, and although high mileage, has a superb engine(gave a regular 40-43 mpg on a run and always passed the emissions easily) then please get in touch.

It has a Ghia's powered front seat, full grey leather interior, hardly used new front discs and pads, nice 15" alloy wheels with good 205 tyres, and has very little rust (waxoiled). It has been started regularly as I intended to fix one or two things (like no A/C), but fear I will not now bother.

A shame as it's done us proud for many years all over Europe. Will sell for the price of the good spares alone, so £250 and dead cheap for what it is.

I am over in West Norfolk, call for email photos and more info as required,

Cheers, Richard (01842 819969)
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