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Hi All Mondeo friends,

I am from Taiwan, I have a Sliver Mondeo MK4 Sallon TDCI 2.0, which was assmebled in Taiwan. I am evaluating to buy a tow bar like below picture back to Taiwan to be assembled in my car.

After studying some posts here, I am trying to figure out the wiring. But before this tough task, I got one question.

I didn't find any tow module nor connetion plug in my boot. I guess it's not necessary for Taiwan Maket so Ford Taiwan didn't provide it.

So my question is can I fit a tow bar and 13pins socket wiring without a tow module? is it possible to do it? Any protential risk/problem will it be?

Appreciate your comment and help if any.

Thank you~have a good day!



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Moved to the towing section, several threads with pictures showing where

everything is.

Bypass kits work, but they dont disable the parking sensors or fog lights etc.
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