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Little Megger
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£: 185

P&P Cost: Collection only

Condition: Used

Location: Towcester

I have read the rules: Yes

Vehicle: Mondeo MK4

Original set of 18" wheels from 2010 MK4 Mondeo Titanium X. Sold car over a year ago and we forgot we had a winter set of wheels in storage.

The wheels were only used in the winter and have some curbing scuffs. Never been refurbished. Tyres are Nokian WR A3 and we found they were brilliant, especially in snow. We used to laugh at all the stuck BM's and Mercs as we drove past!

There's 4-5 mm tread evenly across all tyres. We always had 4 wheel alignment set when ever we change over from summer to winter wheels.

Only selling complete set.









1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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