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Hi everyone, I am a brand new member!
I have the envious task of getting a friend's mondeo estate through an MOT. The garage he has taken it to failed it, I expect I will take it to my local place when I get around to doing the work for him, as they know me etc etc..
anyway, the first garage has failed it on these main issues.

N/S/R tyre bulge
N/S/R Suspension arm bent!!!
front roll bar bushes
exhaust system
I think thats the main things..
Car is petrol/manual 2.0 Ztc

How easy is it going to be to change the rear arm?
I am an experienced mechanic, but have not worked on mondeos before.
How could he have bent the arm, seems pretty serious!

Roll bar bushes straightforward?

On a different note, the car has never idled properly, it is up and down every second, it this a common fault with these engines? He was told by someone that there is a small device that needs to be changed, to fix this...? (sensor or something i guess?)

Emmisions, guess i will change air filter and maybe plugs...?

Is the car a mark 1? its 1996 N reg I think.
Will a hatch exhaust system fit, or is the estate one longer etc?

thanks for any help

John - Sussex

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the hunting problem can be a few things. Air leak is 1 possiblity. A common fault is the rubber T piece located under the coilpack. It joins onto the intake manifold right on the end.

Another option would be teh MAF sensor. Its located on top of teh intake pipe near the air filter. Unplug it and see if it makes any difference. If it idles better then is likely a problem with the MAF.

The problem with teh idle can cause emmissions problems

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replace the t-piece, and give the maf a good squirt with electical cleaner and replace whats buggered on the exhaust. Also check the thermostat as this can stop the engine reaching normal temp. Thats about 20 quid in parts, add about 8 quid for the bushes.

the roll bar bushes are fairly easy to do.
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