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Mondeo ST TDCI - Worksop, Notts

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Here it is, my new Mondeo ST TDCI, not sure why colour is so pale in the pics.

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Looks great. Interesting badge. Did the final facelifts move to use that large ST badge rather than the small-font red one?

I guess that coincides with when they moved the TDCi badge from the top of the bootlid to the bottom.

The later side skirts that you have look much better than the older ST/ZS ones.
I put the badge on, just prefered the new style although it is larger. The old one is on the front grill.
You've got a tasty looking ST there :L

Welcome to MEG!
Welcome to MEG :thumb:

hi and welcome
hi and welcome to meg good looking 220 you have will we be seeing you at any of the meets :driving: :driving: :driving:
leegoodall said:
good looking 220 you have :driving: :driving: :driving:
It's a ST TDCi Lee.

oops yep i see now only 1 tail pipe lol
how did i miss that :shocked:
and the TDCI badge ;-)
Welcome aboard Rik, lovely motor, pics look ok to me mate :L
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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