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mondeo tdci not starting when cold

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i have changed glow plugs
changed cam sensor
cleaned crank sensor
changed fuel filter and bled it
car will not start when cold when i can get it started takes about 4 times long turning over
then it will start all day but tickover lumpy
i took electrical connectors off injectors could tis be the problem or could fuel pump be tatered
any idea
thanks kelvin
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thinkin this motor definitly needs a dealer diagnosis . but two things come to mind shees either not compressing the fuel sufficently on cold because of cylinder of other wear .or the pump or injector timing is off due to settings timing or coding and yes by taking the connectors off while the engine is runniing can upset the coding as they are coded into the ecu recognitioon and pump timing ..we once came across a broken wire to the cam sensor and needed new wiring or this .but expert diagnosis by reputable dealer seems only good path to follow in my opinion and then at least you knoow were your heading..e
ok thanks for that
was running fine before i took of electrics to injectors
all started because of that dreaded egr valve going
thanks kelvin
Hi Kevin,

Mine has 2002 tdci Ghia X has just come back from Ford garage within the last hour with very similar. Started in the very cold, odd diagnostic light, odd limp mode, but re-set if switched on and off. then the warning light flashed constant, has been on Ford diagnostic, they SUSPECT the injectors are worn, however they have 'fixed' it today,they 'reprogrammed' the injectors within the cost of the diagnostic (82.50) and said if it comes back will need 'leak off & compression tests' and will prob ned injectors replacing if this happens.

Davros13 said:
Hi Kevin, .....
they SUSPECT the injectors are worn ....
How many miles has the car covered?
She was taking about 90secs to start, then let out a load of smoke and stunk!

good luck! any other questions about symptoms just ask!
the car has covered 165.000 miles
thanks kelvin

Thanks for the intervention, i am about to look elsewhere to replace if needed. Ford gave me a 'health-check' at £2213.02!!!! ha ha ha ha, i said, ((only thing i know and agree it needs are new discs, 253.56 according to ford!, and my front fogs sorting out, 309.93, ha ha. I know my bumper bar is bent and the intercooler is a little squashed, but it works fine and they want 447.77 to fix a problem that isnt a problem!!

anyway, now i have had my rant, 141k, from their report it sounds like 2 of 4 are the originals.

Good to see some high milers here! If the injectors have made it to 165k and 141k (for two) then that's not so bad.
I wonder if compression might be a problem at that sort of mileage?
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