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More Road Noise From Poly Bushes?

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Someone from Ford told me the Poly bushes are noisey and vibey...

Is he full of it? Or ?
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The Ford ones are rubber while the poly ones are (as the name states) a harder polymer. I don't know for a fact but I would guess they are slightly harder but they can't be too bad or they wouldn't be so popular.
As per GG, poly bushes will be slightly harder then OEM stuff. Due to this, its probable they will transmit slightly more vibration/noise due to them being harder and therfore less absorbent of vibration (which is what noise is really)

Quite how much extra, I dont know. Id be too busy enjoying the better handling!

This is a toughy.

I just got rid of my sports car for some family cruising and to save my license. So its all about quiet comfort for me at the moment.

My last car was 180Bhp and only 1100kg's.
And my license was ...gonna suffer sooner or later, as I drove it like a twat everywhere and couldnt stop myself.
Beleive me, I tried.

Hence the Mondeo. If I'd bought an ST it would have been the same. So I didnt :)

I think I might go with the OEM Subframe with the bushes already in.To save time.

If I do it myself. Which I probably will. Unless the weather goes tits up again :)
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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