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morette question mk2

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i have recently taken delivery of a second hand set of morette lights for my mondy st24 mk2 and was wondering if someone could tell me when the smaller lights come on i have the outer ones working but cant seem to get the smaller inside ones to come on - what are they for exactly.
thanks in advance broadis
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Inner lamps are for main beam
i thought they might be - just need to work out now why they wont work - out with the multimeter tomoz lol
cheers marney
The wires rust! The wiring on Morrettes is shyte! That's why Percybigun calls me Marney 3 lamps, cause one inner lamp kept failing. Little pug for the inner lamp bulbs had corroded. Had to strip it down and just have very small spade connectors on the bulbs. It kept failing still so removed it and put a cold air feed there! :}

You can do the wiring mod so all 4 come on for main beam

interesting, is there a way to have main beam on both lens's and also have DIP when required as well?
Not really. The inner lamps are flat and not curved like the outer lamps so they'd be no room for a headlight bulb, plus no beam on the glass so would fail an MOT.
You could drill the back of the inner lamp, fit a wedge bulb and have them both on for sidelights though.
when you say main beam you're talking about normal driving lights? the link you put up is to make all 4 come on mainbeam? Is there a way to do that as well as keeping Fullbeam when needed?
Main beam = full beam
confused. mainbeam is the full beam the blinds people? what is normal driving lights called then?
Yes, blinding people = full beam or main beam. Normal headlights is dipped beam and sidelights is sidelights.

Just think of main/full beam as high beam, the lights are up, you can see tops of trees etc, obviously this blinds oncoming traffic so 'normal' headlight are dipped so not to blind other road users :L
and this morette wiring is to make both lens's fullbeam? Is there a way to make them both Dipped? so 4 lights on for normal driving?
The mod is for all 4 lamps to work on main beam/full beam/high beam.

All 4 cant work as headlights/dipped beam for the reasons I gave above

- inner lamp is flat, no room for a H7 headlight bulb
- the glass doesn't have right beam pattern on it, so it would fail MOT, and also blind other road users

Again, as said above, you could drill back of lamp, fit and wire in a wedge bulb so can have all 4 on for sidelights.
Now that's a sweet idea.

nice one. There is a thread on about HID conversion kits, some on ebay for £70 and sonme for £14. major difference in price there.
studley on here successfully fitted HIDs to the outer Morette lamps and just fitted uprated bulbs to the inner lamps and they were pretty bright.
Think you need an H7 kit IIRC.
You sure the cheap ones aren't just bulbs listed as HID?
You need the full kit, ballasts etc.
Then there's the whole thing whether aftermarket HID kits are road legal, yada yada, just depends on what you read and who you believe really.
I've just got uprated bulbs in all mine and have no probs with visability or getting flashed for blinding other people.
Not morettes, but I've had the HID conversion done on my mk2 for the last 4 months more or less.

Not been flashed once, although one night the girlfriend was moving the car from facing wrong way on side of road, had dipped on and was blinding oncoming cars, one of which was a copper, he pulled over and just told her to put the side lights on until she pulls away lol.

So technically, they may very well be illegal, but whether you will actually find anyone enforcing it, is another question altogether entirely.
would you convert the fogs too given the chance?
v782st24 said:
would you convert the fogs too given the chance?
No. Someone was on about putting bulbs in the foglights and using them as DRLs but IMO, no matter how bright the bulb is, if the fogs on you're just asking to get pulled for such.
Even if they concede they're sidelight bulbs just lower down or whatever, still gives them opportunity to go over your car with a fine tooth comb, treat you like a con and waste 10mins of your days.
thanks matey
Well, tried the morette mod looking at the diagrams. Feed off blue wire to spare terminal....errr..... The inner lights didnt work when main been put on however the outer lights became brighter when full beam tried. And... it blew the fuses on the inner lights.

Duno what it suppose to happen but the magic wasnt there for me. Now i have to go halford but non of the petrol stations sell the smaller fuses for the engine fuse box.
Oh yeah, you need to uprate the fuses :L
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