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Hi All. Just picked up an uber cheap-but-leggy 1994 MY 2.0i Ghia Estate. Needs a few bits sorting but nothing that can't be approached in stages. My other steed is a BMW 540i, so while I'll be going at a more sedate pace, I'm looking forward to paying less for fuel for the daily commute.

Nearly 10 years ago, I had the fourth RHD Mondeo off the production line: a car that served me well for a good couple of years before the arrival of a company car. Despite the 10 year ownership gap, the Mondy I just picked up feels so familiar already. Way ahead of it's time, too, in terms of interior design and ergonomics - it really doesn't feel it's age in that regard, which is a testament to how right Ford got things back in 93.

Anyway: enough wittering. I'll probably be here and there in the other forums asking about the broken bits that I'll be fixing up over time.



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csdm said:
............ I'm looking forward to paying less for fuel for the daily commute.
You wanna go for a LPG conversion then Chris :L

Anyways.... Welcome to the world that is MEG m8.

There's loads here... help, advice and enjoyment in general.

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