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Most miles on a Mondeo Tdci/Tddi

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well, whos done the most spaceship miles then?
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As noted on the other thread, I nominate my taxi driving friend Andrew, who has a 51 plate 115hp diesel with 360,000 on the clock.

Makes my 57,000 look a bit pathetic!

Just clocked over 161k on my 54 plate TDCi 130...
my partners 190k on 55plate mk3 lx tdci
How many times have you guys changed injectors?
240.000 on my last Mondeo, but a mere 179.000 on my latest TDCi...Oh and have never changed an injector at all, just the odd glow plug.

Just replaced the fuel filter on a regular basis, which is something that seems odd to a lot of drivers used to petrol, but a must on diesels, and the odd oil change thrown in for good luck
I saw a tdci on ebay with 534,000
Mine has never had injectors just a turbo :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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