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Mot, Headlights insecure.

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Had mot today, and failed on insecure headlights, admittedly, one of the top clips has broke, but other clips are ok, but headlight still has bit of play, it failed on both, now apart from buying other headlights, is there anything i can do? moneys bit tight, as recently had to make arrangements for both of my parents funeral .
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my mota has sailed through loads of MOT's with broken clips on the various headlights its had in at the times.

my current light at the passenger side only has one clip holding it inplace ( the one behind the grill ) & it holds perfectly well, but my blackeye headlights i put on as an early mod used to be a tad loose with the same fitting setup until i tightened the 2 torx screws holding that securing plate to the headlight unit when the headlight was inplace & clipped up as much as it could be ( ie the one clip on the plate near the grill ), this then helped secure the light unit & it passed 3 more mots like this.

if your headlights are like this ( outside clips broken near the wings ) then as long as the inner clips near the grill are inplace & the plate the clips hold are on the headlight unit tightly ( no movement in the plate at all ) then you should not have a problem unless the tester is a very, very picky SOB who also did not get any the night before :} )

alternatively if you know a fellow mondy owner nearby & they are willing to swap out the headlights for a half day etc then just swap out to a secure set for the test & be done, swap back to your lights after the test & find another testing station next time round :L
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Well ive made a fixing for headlight, by drilling hole in unit, and fixing clip, still have about 5mm play, but are solid.


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Passed mot today, does anyone else get stressed on mot day?
Guess thats a no then.
dog68 said:
Guess thats a no then.
Nah mate, I am the mot tester :} :} :}
Brown envelope with a wedge of brown notes under the left hand wheely bin, 3 toots on the horn then wait 5 seconds then 2 toots and its passed.

What a great country we live in.

:driving: :driving: :driving:

Doesnt work a the postoffice when taxing the car though, Even tried fluttering my eyelashes, All to no avail.

Any tips?

:D :D :D
Try wearing a short skirt and revealing top next time.
huw1000 said:
Try wearing a short skirt and revealing top next time.
The girls behind the counter will just stare at my boobies & wonder why mine are bigger than theirs.

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