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What ho one and all,

Always moments of trepidation when it comes to MOT time. Today was the day and delighted to say, it passed.

Now I can concentrate on all the bits that could be replaced. Don't understand why the past year advisories are not consulted. In the past, I have had a mention of rust on the rear springs and have yet to do anything. The rust is still there and no mention whatsoever; in fact, no advisories.

But I never understand the emission result. Again, a pass but would be grateful for an explanation. Is it excellent, good, mediocre or approaching bad?

Rectangle Font Parallel Slope Number

For what it is worth, the emission number on the VIN plate is 1.56.

Thanks and toodle pip

Little Megger
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1stly, well done- It lives another year! I'm glad my mot (the car, not my own) is in summer so that any work needed I can do in relative warmth, dry and light, not like today's horrendous weather condition.
Dunno about the figure - it's some kind of smoke opacity measure. I'll tell you this in confidence - keep this to yourself - I couldn't get mine down below the vin plate figure, so I had to accidentally erase it (can't think how that happened... 馃) so the test centre then took the default figure of 3. Which it passed!
Now for you to take it easy till the bad weather passes and you can get on with working thro' that long list of aroundtuits you're compiling... 'what's that noise?'

I Love Diesel
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I usually get a more detailed report on the emissions test. But, it looks like yours passed on the Fast Pass test, which means it passed a stricter test (0.94) on the first acceleration with a reading of 0.17. If I'm interpreting the figures correctly, that would be a very satisfying result.

"Fast Pass is used to help simplify and reduce the time taken for the test, allowing vehicles with low smoke emissions to pass the metered test after one acceleration of the engine. If, after the first acceleration, the meter reading is at or below the magical figure, the vehicle will pass the meter test."

dont listen to me, you'll have horsepower and
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This was mine 2l. Egr blanked and cat delete with straight through exhaust....


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