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Moving up!

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I've had a 1998 1.8TD Mondeo Estate for 4 years now and with 270,000 miles on the clock(110,000 by me) I'm thnking of going for the MK3 Estate - with a diesel engine.

I've heard of problems with the rear sub frame bushes and would appreciate if you gents could give me an update on this problem, how to check for it etc and any other problems these cars, saloons/hatchbaks/estate have.

I tend to do all my own servicing and MOT repairs. I do a lot of miles and this kills the value of the car so would prefer to keep to as old(cheap!) a car as possible - to limit the extra mileage depreciation.

What's the best diesel engine?
What sort of mpg will I get if I stick to 65mph ish?
Any help much appreciated!

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I have the TDCI and although its good I would get a TDDI, no expensive injector issues then and they seem to be a bit more bullet proof I've heard.

Haven't encountered the rear sub frame bushes problems yet so cant really advise of that side of things but there is a good buying guide for things to look out for,

The Mk3 estate has different rear suspension setup and doesn't suffer the same subframe issues that the hatch/saloon does. In any case it's not an expensive fix these days as you don't have to replace the whole subframe just replace the bushes with Ford OEM rubber ones or the 3rd party plastic ones that seem far more popular and hard wearing.

If you want higher reliability for the long term I'd get a TDDI and one that's already had the DMF changed.

Honestly unless there is something wrong when you look at a Mondeo (rough idling, heavy smoking on startup/revving, noises when driving etc.) they are pretty reliable.

You can easily hit 55MPG on the motorway without much effort, it's town driving, idling and flooring it that ruins the fuel economy on the Mk3.

Just remember there are so many Mk3's about you can just keep looking until you find the right one.
Lots of crap ones out there also.

As mentioned no subframe bush problem on the estate but they are only £30 now anyway.

A set of discs & pads costs more. Ive seen several with what i would call MOT failures, Garage guys said nah they are fine. Not fine enough for me so i walked away.

Then they offer a pittance for my car which mechanically is in better condition.

I was looking late november/early december and several of them are still for sale, makes me wonder why.
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