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MPG a bit low maybe..wondering why?

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I have had my 53 TDCi 130 Ghia for a few months now.

It appears that I am averaging about 43 to 45 MPG. I have the usual temperature gauge issue (Low reading and dropping as soon as I slow down) that everyone seems to have. I have replaced the main coolant stat, and the oil cooler stat on the front of the engine, which didn't help much. Anyway, I was just wondering if I should be getting better MPG in general?

I serviced the car about 2ooo miles a go, using good quality oil, specific grade for these engines, changed the fuel filter, air filter and oil filter. I've also cleaned up the MAF (Very Carefully) and i only use BP or Shell fuel.

I drive carefully most of the time, sometimes some 'spirited' driving, and generally a mixture of motorway and A roads for the majority of my driving. My MPG in the ca shows a near constant 44.8 MPG, but I've calculated the MPG to be a bit down on that figure in the real world.

The car currently has nearly 112k on the clock, and in general runs really really well.

One other thing that might be worth a mention is sometimes, when I've started from cold, and driven say 1 or 2 miles, then sit with the engine idling, it hunts a bit, so the engine revs dip and rise above the standard tickover range of approx 750 RPM.

Any ideas at all.

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My TDCi 130 sits at an indicated 48mpg average during a 65 mile round trip to work and back.

90% of that drive is done on the motorway at between 70 and 80mph, with little traffic to hold me up so basically a constant speed - not too far from what you're getting then and I don't very often drive quickly.
I get 80 miles with £20 for town driving and about 110 miles with £20 motorway driving.

What MPG does that work out to?
What oil did you use, There are at least 3 grades suitable for your engine.

43 - 45 is slightly less than parkers claim the mpg should be.

But i presume their urban tests dont sit in traffic for half an hour and the test route will have no hills, Or the tests were run indoors on rollers.
I used Oil from 'Halfrauds' I think it's 5W's in a silver bottle and says it's for Ford Duratorq engines including Jaguar and landrover etc.

It's expensive, but I have bought 2 5 litre bottles, so I'll have enough for the next change, and only need to buy 1 bottle.

Maybe it's not too bad then and i am just thinking there's a problem when there isn't?
Your figures sound fine to me. The manufacturers' figures are derived from an engine dyno, so while they're comparable across different cars they bear very little relation to actual real-world driving.
Ive got an 03 130 tdci, nearly 134k on the clock. I average between 43-45mpg when driving around town, quite a bit more on motorways, doesnt sound bad if your driving around town all day, if your constantly driving on motorways it should be a bit higher
It sounds about right what your getting. I get about 48-50mpg average with town driving and country roads with not many stop starts and quite a lot of booting it.

Try cleaning the inlet manifold and egr valve and also put some injector cleaner in. I use wynns every few months, but some ppl use millers every full tank.

My mpg did go up about 4-5mpg when I cleaned the egr and manifold.

Yeah, I must admit I have been thinking about cleaning the EGR and manifold.

I will be doing so in the next few weeks.

Thanks for the advice.
marklee0409 said:
I get 80 miles with £20 for town driving and about 110 miles with £20 motorway driving.

What MPG does that work out to?
depends what yr paying per ltr

my last 3 fills

537 miles 49.15ltrs = 49mpg = £57.95
460 miles 45.20ltrs = 46.26mpg = £54.19
505 miles 46.12ltrs = 49.78mpg £55.76

all at 119.9/ltr
Ive been thinking about doing this aswell but decided to wait til the weather starts getting a bit better, its crap in the north east!
Warm up car, find level m/way, reset computer, run at a steady 70 mph in top and observe trip. 50 mpg plus should be achievable, no hills, no headwinds, no roof rack.

Check rear brakes for binding, find small hill, stop, pull up handbrake, release handbrake and car should roll slowly.

Use good fuel and additive.
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