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My 1st Mondeo. On the RR!!

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Hello all,

New here and also new to Mondeo's. After a couple of bad experiences with French diesels I thought I would give Ford a go.

So... The other day I bought a 2002 TDCi 130 Zetec S. Instantly impressed with it and was surprised how "non-diesel" it sounds.

Anyways, decided to put it on the Rolling Road today and was extremely surprised at the result.

Here it is...
Probably should of turned the Xenons off...

Power in Red, Torque in Green

And the Result!

Thanks for reading
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Welcome to MEG. :)

Nice numbers you have there. :L
Just done mine aswell mate. Got 147bhp with a powerflow exhaust on!
Getting some high figures stock there.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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