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My first Mondeo

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Hi, my name is Jeff and I'm a Mondeo noob.
I live in Brisbane Australia my other cars are a 1996 Explorer and a 1986 635 CSi BMW.

I've got a few things wrong with my Mondy so I'll be giving you chaps a bit of a work out :)

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Hi Jeff, and welcome to MEG. :)

635CSi... I'd not say no. :thumb:

Thanks Phiulmon and Rich.
Hi Jeff,
Good to see another new member with a BMW fetish too!!!! - I have a 1990 BMW M6 in blue keep it for sunny days - I guess you have a few more of those than we do!!
Yeah, I s'pose we do, but the downside is that the sun rides higher her making convertibles and sunroofs pretty annoying with the sun blasting in.

I've also got an E28 for the boy.

An M6--woo hoo!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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