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My Mk1

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Hiya; had this ol' girl for seven year now, so last june I decided that she was looking tired and in dire need of a facelift ;) so here's a couple of photos. Pretty proud of her =]


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Nice :) id think about getting a private plate
Thanks in the pipe line but want blue and grey leather interior first
Hi can anyone help me i put photos on my diary but can only find this on recent topics my question is how do i find my post any help would be greatfull as i am new to this

EDIT: Sorry. Im a dafty =] Sorted.
A little info about the car. This is a 1.8 verona and this all started with a ghia back spoiler then morette front lights, lexus rear,lights & it just went from there. next is the interior then engine, after talking to percy and looking at other diaries i have learned there is a lot that can be done will post all mods later.
Can't say I like it personally, however it's been done to a high standard, and it's nice to see another MK1 still on the road. :)
wow alot of work has gone in there! my main bugbear is the wheels, they are a cheesy style and too small and thin.

the big arch-conversion makes it need large 18" or 19" WIDE wheels, and in a nice multispoke or 5-spoke style.

also needs bigger front brakes, rear disks, lose the M3 mirrors, smoke the rear lights (or fit the black lexus rears).

i like the number plate :L

when was all the bodywork done, do you have any probs with bits cracking here and there?

you definetely dont want to be putting a mk1 leather interior in there, they are completely old hat mate. someone i know who strips mondies at scrappies, the last mk1 leather interior he sold on ebay went for £15 so he stopped getting them (and that was 2 years ago)
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Thanks for the comments. The work was started on June and completed September as yet i have had no cracks the wheels i got in a hurry as the 15 inch steel looked worse. The back discs get fitted next Tuesday.

I know it,s not everyone,s cup o tee but i just wanted to do a one off
it must have cost a fortune all that!

you can fit wheel spacers and longer wheel studs aswell.

i get cracking on bits of mine where custom bodywork has been done, it normally takes a year or so for cracks to re-present themselves from when i've had them sorted. :(

if you did the things i mentioned in my previous post, it would fine-tune the car to be more peoples cup of tea. the large jap boot spoiler will put alot of people off aswell.
Spent about 6k (the meters still running) and the wife going mad so now it,s bit by bit. I realy want the interior done next and pick up bits for the engine as im going along
Mods so far


front bumper
back bumper
bonnet scoop & vents
boot spoiler
roof spoiler
wheel arches
m3 mirrors
clear side repeaters
rear lexus
fromt morette,s
mk2 sail panels
colour coded handles
st exhaust
17inch wheels
rear brake disks


mk2 dash
electric sunroof
electric rear windows
front & rear footwell lights
mk2 trip computer
door handle lights
blue led conversion
chrome door handles

That,s about it just now
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Rear brake conversion done now have disks :smile:

this weekend replacing outer lights and fitting 2 trumpets in the inner

will upload photos later
here we go

thanks to D C for the link for the trumpets & Percy for the link for the lights

done this on Monday

then the back bumper was lowerd so the no plate could be fitted

next the tailgate will be flushed and the back end will be painted


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the batery has been moved to the boot and got a mk2 grey leather (will do just now) the sub from DC and other parts has been done so will upload some photos tomorrow
got a sub from DC and parts from percy

will post photos when things are done

no photoes of work as DC has done this and
i done the same
This is what happend after a lorry reversed into me today Blue Hood Liquid Automotive lighting Fluid

Happy new year LOL


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Well the rear spoiler has been repaired and ready to fit
Automotive tire Road surface Asphalt Grass Flooring

also got my new tailgate
Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wood Bumper

just gave this a sand and light prime as it is getting flushed at the weekend


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s..t!!!! sorry to hear that m8. has his insurance paid out fully for the damage??
No insuranct havent made an offer yet but i was told they would right it off

so by monday it will be ready for a respray

cant wait any longer it's a week since this happend
my m8 had this with a crx..a guy pulled out on him and the insurance wrote it off but he had done a lot of work on it.. they gave him the chance to but back which he did.

how much will it cost to sort it??
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